Irena's Music Academy - Professional Piano , Guitar, Saxophone, Drum and Theory lessons
Mrs. Irena is a definite top-caliber piano teacher in Ouachita Parish. For the past eight years, her piano lessons seem to be individually tailored to suit our children’s musical preference, learning styles, personal interests and capabilities. In addition, her effective teaching skills with a European flavor have help our children improve in leaps and bounds, not only in technical proficiency, but also in musicality as well. This is demonstrated by our children’s countless trophies won in various major piano competitions. In the past few years, both Anna and Andrew won first place in the Louisiana State Piano Rally, were finalists in Louisiana International Piano Competition (in fact, Anna won the Audience Award), were prize winners in the MVSU Young Artist Piano Competition, and were the youth division winners of the Monroe Symphony League’s Emerging Artists Competition.
Mrs. Irena is THE piano teacher.
Dr. Tan

My daughter, Madison, has been taking piano and voice lessons from Ms, Irena since she was five.  Ms. Irena has been great with helping Madison learn the basics of both piano, voice, and theory.  Madison has excelled at festival, rally, and even state under Ms. Irena's instruction. Ms. Irena encourages playing at recitals, nursing homes, or competitions and she believes that music is a gift that should be shared.  We have enjoyed having our daughter take music at Irena's Music Academy.
Tamika Cherry
Not only is Ms. Irena a talented piano player, she is also a great teacher.   My daughter, Megan, has studied piano with Ms. Irena for 4 years.   Megan's  technique and playing abilities have improved tremendously.  Also, Ms. Irena encouraged Megan to participate in several piano competitions.  I would highly recommend Ms. Irena to anyone who is interested in studying classical piano.
My eight year old daughter has thrived since taking piano lessons at Irena’s Music Academy.  She has been playing for less than one year and has learned extensive music theory and musicality. Mrs. Irena has ignited a passion for piano in my daughter, and is an outstanding teacher. She teaches on her level while encouraging her to do her best.  I highly recommend Mrs. Irena!
Jessica Wolgemuth

Irena Jones is a wonderfully gifted musician and teacher. She is exceptionally great at sharing this gift with her students, urging them to achieve their best in mastering the art of piano. Mrs. Jones strives to help her students learn and play piano beautifully. But it's not always about being the best of the best, but also to simply expand students' knowledge of music and music theory. They can reach their own personal goals, and Mrs. Jones works with her students to attain these goals. She instills an appreciation for music and piano in those who wish to learn more about them. My daughters have come to find piano as an important part of their lives, and it is an instrument that will never leave them, as they will enjoy the gift of playing for many years to come.  Truly, Irena Jones is a blessing and great teacher!
Dr. Domingue

Ms.Irena Jones  is an amazing piano teacher, role model and mentor for anyone seeking to take up piano lessons in Monroe, West Monroe area. She is great with kids and takes extra care to make sure they not just learn piano but develop love for piano and music.
She is highly experienced and very professional , which is evident in her lessons and in the atmosphere she creates for her students. One of our favorite things about Irena is that she will encourage her students to do their utmost best with every piece, paying attention not only to technical detail but also to the dynamics and understand the essence of the song. 
She always encourages all her students to participate in Piano Festivals, Rally's and competitions and takes the extra effort in getting them ready for these events. She is always going the extra mile by organizing piano recitals and giving kids a platform to showcase their talents. 
Both our kids take lessons with Ms. Irena and we have known her for the past 6 years. We are grateful for the experience our kids are getting to have. We would recommend Irena to anyone who is looking for a Piano teacher and wanting to provide an enjoyable music learning experience for their kids or for themselves.

Rama and Vamsi Sreedhara 

My daughter has been taking piano lessons from Irena's Music Academy for the past 4 years and she never took any piano lessons 
before. Mrs. Irena has put in a lot of hard work and patience in my child and all the of her other students as well. She is such a determined and a hard working teacher, as long you put effort in practicing you will succeed. 
My daughter has won several awards and recognitions as well as winning second place in the state competition for the last  2 years in a row. I am very pleased with her teaching. 

Kathy Wang 
I believe these recordings don't need any words.....Please listen


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