Irena's Music Academy - Professional Piano , Guitar, Saxophone, Drum and Theory lessons
         Irena's Music Academy news for 
                        Summer and Fall 2018
We are fired up with new excitement for new events......

Thought Summer vacation - Irena's Music Academy has almost full schedule! Some students taking double, some triple lessons, some even daily lessons. And the results are obvious! 
We will have little "local" recital /party in the studio premises for those who were taking lessons during the summer time. Fun time! Planned for mid of August.....

Also Irena's Music Academy has now a special account for those students who wants to play at Festivals and rallies but don'f have the funds to pay for it... this account was opened in name of Supportive Mothers (calls SUMOT) from donations and contributions to this program.
I strongly believe that the funds will grow as we will get more people participating!!!


Some examples of work of IMA students:
 We have some new recordings, please listen up these wonderful children:

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